Who we are

We are a movement that is going to make real changes through our #PawsForTheForest community.

The amazing properties of nature are truly extraordinary, and their benefits are not just for dogs but also our relationship with them.

We want to unite different parts of the world, in community, towards a single objective: to help the Amazon Rainforest and our planet.

Together with our companions, we are going to make real changes!


The Amazon is one of the most interesting places in our world and its greatness deserves to be celebrated. It's part of our mission to give back everything nature has given us and we want to do this in community.

We unite the forces of humans, dogs, and nature from different parts of the world in a mission that human beings alone could not accomplish.

We want to promote sustainable changes, through actions that can help nature and the planet.

We know that by joining forces, we will be able to fulfill this mission.


Nature is home to a vast diversity of species and assets, capable of promoting benefits not only for us humans but also for our dogs and the entire planet. There is no doubt that the forest is a magical and grand place, but we know it deserves more.

We need to give back to the forest everything it has already given us and, through the #PawsForTheForest movement, we managed to build a sustainable community engaged in helping to save nature and the planet.