The Amazon is one of the most intact rainforests on Earth, but it's being destroyed at an alarming rate. The main causes are illegal extraction and burning which leads to devastating biodiversity issues as well as a problem that affects everyone because global warming increases due to deleted forests in our planet’s saddles.

Reforestation is the process of giving back everything that nature has donated to us, helping keep forests alive.The #PawsForTheForest movement was created to empower people with a shared desire of saving the Amazon Forest.

Joining efforts to replant one of the largest biomes in this world not only benefits nature, but also ensures diverse local communities and a better future for generations.

With the help of partners, local communities and through a diverse group effort in different parts around world we will replant trees across The Amazon Rainforest. This is an incredible project that can bring life back into what was once one large forest but now has been reduced to little more than scrubland due its excessive cutting over time - there are hopes though with renewed efforts on behalf our organization as well as others who share similar goals may be able restore some semblance or order out chaos so this magnificent place isn't completely lost forever!